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Om-690-Ags-004 Star Sapphire Gemstone Elixir Infused Into Ormus Live Oil

Star Sapphire

Indications: lacking trust in the universe; difficulty making the right choices and connections in life; over concern for the smallest details of one's process; unable to connect energetically with information about one's higher purpose.

Healing Qualities: promotes trust in the universe; helps us focus our awareness on what is necessary for the soul's progression in life; supports the formation of energetic connections with others that promote the realization of our life goals.

Ormus Minerals:Healing Oils
Gemstone Ormus Star Sapphire Gemstone Elixir Infused

Gemstone Healing Oil Infused

INGREDIENTS:  Grape Seed Oil, Ormus Minerals from Ormus Rich Salts, & Star Sapphire Gemstone Elixir





2 ounces


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OM-690-AGS -04
4 ounces


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OM-690-AGS -08
08 ounces


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OM-690-AGS -16
16 ounces


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