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Actually, I have encouraged my massage therapist clients to sell it to their clients, but every single one so far has wanted to keep it as their "secret weapon", because "If I do that, they won't need me." is their attitude.

It has only minor consciousness effects topically used compared to taking it internally, unless you put it on the neck or head.
It will release tight muscles almost instantly. You can use it on trigger points, meridian points, or most any kind of owie.

There are other very, very easy ways to separate it. One of the easiest ways is just get some grape seed oil -- crude, unrefined grape seed oil -- and some of the Celtic sea salt (gray, Celtic sea salt) and mix it about half and half with grape seed oil and sea salt. Shake it up good and let it sit. The ormus seems to go into the grape seed oil -- the oil portion of the ormus seems to go into the grape seed oil. And that's really good. People have used it for skin care and for consumption for a while

I can attest to the grape seed oil and magnetic tape method. It is great for a topical rub. And the more you use it the more Ormus seeps into the skin and heals the area from affliction. I have my wife give me a neck rub with it here and there and I can Truly say my pain level has gone down greatly from what it use to be. Just using the topical Ormus grape seed oil

# A very strong and simple method is just to put Raw Sea Salt in a bottle, say two spoons in a half liter empty mineral bottle, then to fill it with a good cooking oil; then after 2 days waiting, you can just put ONE DROP on your tongue and feel the effects ... I was very surprised to find it SO STRONG ! I let you try.

Ormus and Grape Seed Oil
Take glass jar 8 Ounce or bigger.
Get Magnetic tape.
Spiral the tape all the way up the jar.
You can use mineral water. Shake it for 5 minutes up and down.
Then drink.

OR take Sea Salt and grape oil shake for 5 mins and leave overnight. Take the oil from the salt and massage or what not. eat it. Use salt in bath. Both have ORMUS.   

When Doing the "shaker" Method, the Shaking, and the "0" Point of the Magnetic Field Generated by the Wrapping of the Magnetic Tape around the Jar Draws the Ormus out of the Salt and into the Grape Seed oil, as well as Coalesces the Salt & Grape Seed Ormus. 

Oil Extracted

Our scrub is in a base of organic sesame, coconut, grapeseed and olive oil. This salt/oil combination is aged for about six months before we consider it extracted.


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