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For anyone who's interested there is a really easy method to collect ormus that doesn't involve chemicals other than the basic chemicals found in Dead Sea salt, which is mostly Magnesium Chloride. Magnesium chloride is a salt like table salt (sodium chloride).

Anyway, get some Dead Seal salt (you can order it online) or just get some magnesium chloride from a chemical supply company. What I did was buy a 25 kg bag of magnesium chloride from one such company here in Brisbane. This company imports it from Israel.

Then all you have to do is - line a ceramic or glass baking dish with this magnesium chloride salt (Dead Sea salt) and place another jar (large-ish coffee jar or similar) with its lid on and filled with ice cubes in the middle of the baking dish so that its surrounded by the salt.

Do this on a night that you don't have any rain forecast. In the evening around 9 pm place the baking dish, with salt and jar filled with ice cubes, outside somewhere that is exposed to the sky. What will happen is as it sits there overnight, dew will condense on the sides of the jar of ices cubes and run into the salt turning it into a liquid. In the morning before the sun comes up (that's real important as sun tends to attract the ormus to it) get the dish etc inside and pour the liquid into a clean bottle or whatever and put the lid on. That is your ormus and its pretty potent wonderful stuff. Its concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

You might find that all the salt hasn't liquefied the next morning in which case you can just cover the dish with a clean plate or similar and repeat the process the next night. You can keep doing this as many times as you need to collect a good amount of liquid. I usually collect about 150 to 200 mls each time I do it which takes me sometimes two or three consecutive nights. It depends on how much dew you get in your area and how much salt you started with. I recommend that you only lightly line the dish with salt to begin with.

Of course you can do this on whatever scale you desire, if you have large enough containers and lots of ice

Its not clear to me whether the ormus is in the dew or in the magnesium chloride salt or both, probably a bit of both.

There are lots of ways to use this ormus. The simplest is by adding one or two eye dropper fulls to a bottle of drinking water (500 to 1000 mls). Then tapping the side of the bottle lightly with your hand a hundred times or so (before drinking) is supposed to align the ormus with your energies. Regarding tapping the bottle, I suggest experimentation with this to see what suits.

This ormus can also be added to a good quality oil and used on the skin.   

All store bags of ice that I checked leaked, so I no longer use them, but transfer the ice into 2 gallon freezer Ziplocs bags. 

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