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MEOW Water  
The water can be spiked with a touch of Pascalite clay and Himalayan salt prior to the magnetite treatment. China is the main producer of Magnetite Black Sand now

"Cross Currents" by Robert O. Becker M.D.. Dr. Becker has done many experiments on the effects of electricity on living tissue and one thing that really struck me was his discovery that disintegrating tissue has a positive electrical charge and regenerating tissue has a negative charge.

I had also discovered free radicals during this time and so I knew that what I needed was water with a negative charge but I had no idea how to do this. Then I read about the leydon jar and everything fell into place.

Since we are electrical organisms, and non-decomposing life favors negative ions (H-) ...meditation, spiritual practices, etc...tend to negatively ionize the body's water...making the overall energy in the battery of the body greater. With an expanded EMF and greater, more coherent energy the individual consciousness is able to penetrate its own inner knowing through amplified communication and senses...and it is also able to key into the noosphere and the All to a greater degree. This is essentially what spirituality "is."

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