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Ormus Mineral Iridium S-ORME

ridium S-ORME - Highly reactive to magnetic fields, but less so compared to gold.

Increases longevity by it's role in relation to DNA and cells - will boost the human immune system 10 to 15 times normal in cases where the person has been deficient in iridium S-ORME - Relates to DNA as it is one of the things DNA is made of.

Also relates to DNA because it is used by the white corpuscles to read the DNA and mark it as damaged and is used by our bodies in conjunction with Rhodium to correct damaged cells and DNA.

If you have a cluster of more than 10 Ir [Iridium] atoms, it attracts other iridium atoms, if less than 9 atoms in size, it comes apart becoming ionic in most water based solutions.

Iridium is stable as a 9 atom cluster, anything smaller can break down to the ORME state in the body. Gland associations: iridium mainly affects the pituitary gland and the immune system.

Iridium S-Orme Should have the miesner field fully charged & be imprinted with desirable information before consuming if all the benefits possible are desired.

Ormus Mineral Iridium ORME 

Iridium ORME non-super conducting - Non reactive to magnetic fields, no miesner field.

Can be converted to to super conducting with lab techniques, or within the human body over a period of time.

No need to charge or imprint before consuming. Cannot be charged and does not carry information like the super conducting form.

Far less valuable to the human body than it's super conducting form.

Usually takes 6 months or less to convert to super conducting form in the body.

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